Exclusive Luxurious Villa (No4) in Coral Bay Pafos for Sale

For Sale €2,000,000 House
MPA-NF24141 1000 sqm 4 Bedrooms 5 Bathrooms


A stunning housing project located in the picturesque area of the famous Coral Bay in Paphos with 9 individual super Luxury villas for Sale.

Coral Bay is a short 12 kilomete rdrive north of Paphos.It is possibly one of the most stunning areas in Cyprus. The bay itself is a natural sandy beach spanning 600 mina crescent shape, and has earned itself a European Blue Flag.The beaches are fully equipped, making them ideal for swimming and sunbathing. The sea has a shallow margin ,making it ideal for the whole family to enjoy. Close to the beach there are banks, supermarkets, bars, restaurants, leisure parks as well as a Zoo. Coral Bay is known to be one of the most popular places to stay, either for holidays, or permanently. The location is only 15 minutes away from the captivating bustling streets of Paphos, and only 10 minutes away from these cecluded beaches and lagoons of the Akamas peninsula. It offers you the choice of being as near or as far from civilisation as you wish. With Coral Bay just down the road, you have easy access to local tavernas offering fine cuisine, supermarkets supplying fresh produce and amusement parks providing entertainment for the whole family, all of which makes the Marsalite project the ideal location for your property.The project consists of nine elite villas built to an exquisite standard which is unmatched anywhere else in Cyprus. Each house has its own unique panoramic view of the coastline, large private pool, spacious garden and large plot o fland. During the construction, we pay special attention to issues concerning thermal insulation, meaning each villa will be cool in the summer and warm in the winter while costs remain minimal, despite the ever increasing energy prices. This exclusive development offers luxurious and superior comfort equipped with modern technologies and a state of the art building style.

Thermal insulation
External wall insulation systems extend the lifetime of external walls by protecting them from drect impact of atmospheric conditions.This method encases the building and helps prevent heat from entering as well as escaping. All systems are cost effective, reduce unnecessary heat loss, protec tand prolong the external fabric of the building and offer superb weather resistance.

The new design of bricks we use to build your home provides excellent sound insulation as well as fire resistance and durability, which offers a comfortable living space for generations to come.All with European certification.

Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries airconditioning offer elegant design combined with compact dimensions and quiet operation making them the ideal choice for hot and cold air whilst being very economical. Noise levels are significantly reduced thanks to a unique airflow passage design that makes the unit oneof the quietest in the industry.

Windows and doors are of German origin with plastic frame and a strong metal interior for additional support and stability. Timers automatically turn lights, appliances and irrigation systems on and off, saving you mon-ey, water and energy. In addition, they can help make the house more comfortable and secure. Water Purification: water filtration systems are designed to get to the centre of any problem instantly, and make the water clean, clear and safe in the home again. Garden Included in the price of the house a Mediterranean-style garden with palm trees, evergreen exotic plants and fluorescent flowers that produce a fantastic view ,regardless of the season. Swiming Pool: Included in the price of the Villa is a state of the art overflowing swimming pool with new technologies for filtration and ionization of water, makIng the water contain less chlorine and thus making it much safer for the family. Security: Each Villa is eqquipped with an adva advanced alarm system, intercom, as well as automated gates. BBQ  Every house is built with a large barbecue area. What could be better than the sea breeze, Cyprus wine and a splendid barbecue area to relax in? Home Entertainment  We can offer you the most advanced technologies in home entertainment! Fast internet so you can stream the latest movies in 1080 p,state of the art Macintosh computer wired to your large screen 3DTV so you can si t,browse the internet and watch movies from the comfort of sofa, dining table or bed. Why say no to the ability to link all your devices together and not worry about wires ever again?

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