Apartment (Flat) in Saint Raphael Area for Sale

For Sale €745,500 Apartment
FIR-FCH15430 123 sqm 3 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms

<p>New Luxury Modern Appartments with Common Pool&nbsp;Opposite the sea , easy access to highway , shops , restaurants and all amenities.</p>

<p>Scheduled for delivery in September 2018.</p>

<p><strong>STRUCTURAL FRAME </strong></p>

<p>Raft foundation is according to specification and current antisismic code and regulations .The external frame is insulated with 50 MM extruded polystyrene for beams and columns and 25 MM ordinary plaster . Also 50 MM Styrofoam for roof slab and waterproofing insulation.</p>

<p><strong>AIR CONDITIONING &amp; HEATING </strong></p>

<p>a) Each apartment is air conditioned with one VRV system. Each VRV system comprises one</p>

<p>compressor and multiple indoor units which air condition each space independently.</p>

<p>b) In addition to the indoor units, the VRV compressor is connected to a hydro box, installed on the roof. The hydro box is used during the winter for the production of heating water for the floor heating system.</p>


<p>a) Veranda balustrades are constructed of Aluminium and glass.</p>

<p>b) All external walls are constructed of concrete and finished in three coats spatoula <strong>X-Lime</strong>, one coat <strong>Emulsion Fijadora </strong>and three coats of <strong>Ovaldine Fachadas Liso </strong>paint.</p>

<p><strong>DOORS AND WINDOWS </strong></p>

<p>a) The Entrance Door is made of solid wood construction.</p>

<p>b) All external doors and windows are triple-glazed and are made of aluminium frames THERMAL Lift &amp; Slide type.</p>

<p>c) All internal doors are made of M.D.F finished with a paint finish.</p>

<p><strong>WARDROBES &amp; CABINETS </strong></p>

<p>Built-in opening wardrobes are made with a melamine finish.</p>

<p>Kitchen Cabinets and cupboards are made internal with a melanine, and externally of M.D.F. and finished with a gloss finish. Incorporating bench tops made of granite.</p>



<li>3 Bedroom – 2nd Floor – 122,38m2 indoor area + 29,23&nbsp;m2 Covered Veranda +&nbsp;Storage area + Covered Parking &nbsp; -&gt; &nbsp;&euro; 745,500.00 + VAT</li>
<li>3 Bedroom – 3rd Floor – &nbsp;122,38&nbsp;m2 indoor area + 29,23&nbsp;m2 Covered Veranda +&nbsp;Storage area + Covered Parking&nbsp; -&gt; &nbsp;&euro; 750,750.00 + VAT</li>

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